Monday, May 21, 2012

try to rileks :'/

Assalamualaikum :) Long time no see right ? Hurm , this month im so busy . a lot of things i need to do and to attend . Oh mangg :'O . May all of the things going smoothly , insyaALLAH :) May god bless what we do..aminn .

tommorow , im still not sure whether i need go to that Institut Memandu or not . haih. whatt laa kan :'( this 26 i need to attend an interview of education programme at sintok kedah . Omg ! im so nervous like seriously . hmm. what i need to prepare yeah ? what i need to bring along with me ? ohh, help me puhleasee :/ gua ghisaw meyh . gua dah la jenih darah gemuruh . hopefully semuanya okay okay :)

last few days ago , it just like "miracle" . yeah , "miracle" hehe. i never think it will happen , then it has happened to me. im so suprisee youu knoww.. alhamdullilah . terima kasih ya ALLAH :) maybe this is the second chance for us , err it all just 'MAY-B' :') late alredy . i need to sleep . bahbai. take care love ;)  assalamualaikum cinta ;)

wait , this 29 May result pspm 2 will be announce ! Good Luck to me :'? ghesauu aehh..kbyee..


Fatin Syafiqa Anuar said...

pspm? matrik ke? hehe any result you got i wish you congrates. :)

misluvcoklat said...

yeah,matrik :)
big thanks my sweetie sis ! :)