Thursday, November 9, 2017

Interview at Private School

Assalamualaikum. Hola people! This post is just for sharing my experience during interview with a few private school in Malaysia. I did search about this before for preparation to the interview but sadly I didnt found any :3 So here I wanna share my experience and I hope I can help you guys who will be going to interview at any private school.

Last year on 2016 , I went to 2 interview at private school but sadly "takde rezeki". I think maybe because of my English is damn bad. haha. First interview was for cover teacher at Penang, and secondly for Living Skills teacher at Damansara (I went two times, first for mockteaching secondly,iv with the principal)  and I really thought that I got the job but sadly they prefer a male teacher.  I am from Perlis , FYI.Can you see my effort ? Haha. Allah is the best planner. Yeah I am a bit sad and frustrated but I do trust in Allah plan. Besides, that time I just graduate so I wanna spend time at home first. Haha!

2017. I went to 2 Interview at private school tooo and YES!! I DID IT!! Alhamdulillah. First IV was in Perlis. I was working as Educator for about four months . I was teaching Business Studies and Malay for Year 9 and Year 10. Last two days, on NOV 7, I went to Interview at private school in Ipoh and Alhamdullillah, I got it. And I will start working on Nov 20. 

So here are the questions that I got during the interview.

Opss before that when u going to IV for teaching position you  need to do mockteaching right? okay here some tips from me, take it or leave it :P 

1. Make sure you are expert enough on the topic that you are going to teach. Be prepared guys! 
2. Dont choose any tough topic, choose the easy one (so-so). But sometime they will give you the topic. So Takziah lah. haha joking! Chill . Do revision on that topic. 
3. Induction set must be good and interesting.
4. Make sure it is student-centered learning.
5. Interact with the students, always! Dont get nervous. Chill.
6. Prepare a lesson plan .
7. Use the technology. You can prepare  a slideshow using powtoon or prezi or whatsoever lah instead of powerpoint. But if you dont know how to use that software then just use powerpoint,It just fine.

Actually, mockteaching is just for the employer to see either you can teach or no? Then they want to see how you interact with the students. Oh ya! before I forgot, It is really important for us, as a Teacher to know our students name.Remember their name. But how? we just know them and it is impossible for us to remember all of our students name right? So give them a blank A4 Paper. And fold it into four section , then make it like triangle ,( i hope you can imagine it)  and ask them to write their name with large font on it and put it on the table. So now you can know their name and ask them some questions.

okay now lets go to the interview questions.

1. Tell me about yourself ( all interview that i went to, did asking this question) so ,do practice! be confident! 

2. Where do you see yourself in next ten years.

3. What is your philosophy in teaching?

4. There are  different types of learning style for every students. How do you overcome this?

5. Are you a flexible teacher?

6. Why you want to work in our school district?

7. What strategy/approach did u ever used  in your  class ?

8. sometimes they will ask on what do you think about your mock teaching class . What the weakness? The strength  ? If you are giving the second chance for the mock teaching, what are you going to change? 

Hmm , ni je aku ingat. apa lagi eh? haha.

opsss! dont forget to prepare on " Do you have any questions?"

you need to answer yessss! okay? dont say no. hahaha. I didnt prepared for this question when I went to IV with the Principal at a private school in Damansara and i really have no idea what I should ask. I be like emmm, hmmm, emmm. hahaha. Maybe that one of the reason I didnt get the job haha. So dont be like me okay. 

I hope that this post can help you to do preparation for your upcoming interview :) All the best and Good Luck!

psss, sory for my broken english. haha. im still learning :P


Friday, October 13, 2017



Lama betul tak ambik kisah pasal blog ni. Since im not working now, so keep thinking to start blogging again . It have been two month im being jobless xD Rezeki tak menyebelahi aku dan kawan-kawan untuk pangilan interview SPP  pada tahun ni. Nampaknya kena tunggu tahun depan pulak la. Semoga ada rezeki , amin :) Baru faham perasaan senior yang tunggu dua tiga tahun .

be positive, Allah have better plan for you ! Amin :) Good things is worth waiting kan ? Ayat penyedap hati . While waiting for SPP next year, i will try to send my resume to private school. Please pray for me , hopefully i will get a job soon, amin :)

previous post i did mention to share my experience during interview at private school. haha. but sadly im too lazy to do that. insyaAllah i will try to rajinkan diri untuk post pasal interview tu later. I ever work as a teacher at a private school before :) 

i have no idea what to type here so to be continue ...

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Salam Ramdhan.

1 June 2017 . My first post for this year.Im still alive gaisss. haha . Ya Allah lama betul tak update blog ni. Setengah tahun kot . Opps ! Its not too late for me to wish Happy Fasting everyone :D

Many things happened , but not much thing changes . For example , Im still fat as before hahaha #sadtruth . Im working already. Getting marry soon. Hahahahahaa, JK! xD

Before I got my current job, I have been attend like three interviews before and I keep thinking to share my experience here. Erm maybe later if I not lazy haha ! See you when i see you . Maybe next year? Muahaha . Assalamualaikum :)

"Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahuakbar!"

Wednesday, December 28, 2016



Lie is not a mistake , its a choice .
You choose to lie since the first day .
So how it feel?

Im a human ,
I lied too,
But after i lied my life not peace.
I feel sinned, I feel bad about it.
I wonder,
Do your live in a peaceful life after all the lies?
Is that fun to live in lie and fake ?
I wonder, till now :)