Thursday, February 25, 2016


wow, its seem like i didnt post anything here for quite a long time . Well i just busy doing nothing :P

This is just a short entry from me, just want to inform you that im still alive , haha. Alhamdulillah .Well, i will turns to 23 about 34 days from now xD Ah, im getting old already. haha. many thing happened. people comes and go :) Its life . 

My result for my past intern Alhamdulillah, unexpected as always. haha. Now im already in last semester for my degree , insyaALLAH and will graduate at the end of this year , amin. Please pray for me friend . hehe.

My life so far Alhamdulillah, getting better :) Before this i stucked in middle life prob i guess. Haha. Alhamdulillah now im feeling better , can accept what was happened. Well, as people said, "everything happend for a reason " . and now i can see all the reasons . Allah showed me one by one , Thanks Allah for protecting me .

But I is sad . Seriously i did. as a friend ,I sad bcause i cant help u to be a better one , I know im not a better/perfect person though, im a sinner too, but yeah,deep in my heart i really hope you will change one day, and realise everything . U always in my prayer friend :)

Okay, thats all for now. bye and take care :D

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