Friday, December 4, 2015

December :)

Assalamualaikum :)
akhirnya sampai jugak seru nak update blog ye pkah. haha .
before that, Al-fatihah for Pak Yus . He passed away few days before. Seriously idk y im so surprise and sad after know the news . I am pretty sure u feel the same. cant believe it .I cried a few times when reading all the article about him, watch back his video :(  Well, its the truth that we need to accept ,even its hurts . Allah love him more .our turn will come soon but we never know when the exact time, so be prepare:/ life must go on anywy :') we will  miss you pak yus , always :')

hmm, its december . how fast time flies . 2K15 almost end , I still remember how my last december was. haha. oh Allah ! i dont want to remember it ,but it still fresh in my mind xD  i hope it wont happen  again please. It sooooo hurt everrr . Haih !stop it pkah. haha xD

well the last chapter of 2K15 , so make it a perfect one insya Allah :) take care guys!Love you xoxo.

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