Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Hello gaisss. Assalamualaikum .

hey! Its 9Septemberrrr. its have been six years and its still fresh in my mind. haha! feel like it just happened yesterday. 090909. a nice date and a nice memory to  remember. xD

long time i didnt spend time here. many thing to share here but feeling lazy to do so. haha . early this month,my lecturer came to observe the way im teaching in class. only Allah knows how nervous am i that day. Alhamdulillah, got positive comment from my lecturer.thanks to my fav students who help me that day. teacher  lovechu so much okay guys. haha. and gonna miss all of u when i finished my practical for sure :( they r like my siblings. we keep arguing and joking with each other. haha. can u imagine when they saw me walking at the corridor, they will scream and call my name from their class. its  really make me angry sometime .haha .

well september is a busy month for me. last sunday i attend one youth event with students. and this week there is a camp . aaa,i cant wake up late and no more holidays for this week. next week i got one week vacation for Eidul Adha.yay.and after that will busy again. okay is sleepy so genite.please take care. lepchubae. eh? hahahaha.kbai'

 how happy am i after done observed by my lecturer xD


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Shafiqah Rashid said...

thanks awak. muahciked. haha. ob la ni kan xD