Friday, August 14, 2015


Assalamualaikum everyone xD

Today is the last day of Syawal. Am i right ? haha. how fast time flies :) Alhamdulillah, my life getting beter after stuck in a dark time for a while . Aha, wanna update about my practical . It almost two month im here . Being a teacher is quite fun and so busy and tired for sure. keep thinking of mylife in future IF im being a teacher , i really need to plan time well especially when i have my own family. haha.

My students masyaALLAH,so naughty and stubborn . Everyday they will do new things. haha. well teenagers right,love to do new things. Haish. Me so tired okay. But they are too funny for me. haha. i love to see their habit ,even sometime im so angry with them xD

Raja Kumar. haha. my first student that i found so funny. haha. he is an indian student. he is so chubby and cute .hahaha . i like to see him .he love to skipped the class.hahaha. he love to walk around the school during class time and when he see discipline teacher he will run. hahaha. its so funny to see he run. everytime he see me he will say" ayoyo teacher, " ahaha ! he love to disturb chinese girl. haish. so funny of you lah Raja. teacher will miss you for sure .

Kuganesh . Godness. this one sooo naughty in the class. but i can see that he look smart and clean. he is good as a person i guess but because of his friend love to disturb him make he be  naughty. Most of his malay classmate get scared of him. but he really love to tease me . he said im funny. lol.

Malay students,boys especially so naughty they are.some of them didnt even respect the teachers.they just come to school to make friends and make problem. haish,thats y teacher so tired everyday. haha. anywy my lecturer didnt come yet but will come soon, at the end if August i guess,Hope everything will be okay, insya Allah amin :)

okay, see you again.insyaALLAH. bye :) #muahciked xD

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