Sunday, August 2, 2015


assalamualaikum :)

yeay ! i still awake at this time. now its already 2.14 am. yes yes i know its still early but since practical, i always fall asleep 12.++ am. see how tired am i ? its not easy to be a teacher nowadays.

Alhamdulillah for  all the good news. yeay! my friend got engaged! hahaha. finally !im so happy for that news. i still remember that day when he pm me at fb,then said `hey, this is my address,i want to invite u to my big day`. that time i was 19 and he is 20. i am so surprise n happy for sure after he said he will get marry.  but still suspicious y he wanna marry early. then he still keep mesage me at fb . im so wory and keep asking him is his wife okay if he keep mesage me. then atlast,he told me that he just kidding me.shit.hahaha. im really trust him lol.anywy , im happy for u both. im pray for ur happiness. yay,cant wait for ur big dayyy :D y im so excited? hahaha.

oh,its august already. dear november,come fast. my brain keep thinking of vacation vacation vacation and vacation! haha. so where we will go ? we will see xD no matter what, before i finish my degree .i will make sure that i will go to sunway lagoon once again! me is missing vuvuzela xD , bukit tinggi,fraser hill, melacca and genting highland !!! insya allah.hope i can make a visit there with my fav people :D singapore ?hahaha.kbai.

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