Saturday, May 16, 2015


Assalamualaikum :) Yeay ! I got my own dancing minnion . haha. can you see how happy am i ? muahciked . kekeke :p

Oh last week was a hectic week for me . how happy am i when Friday is coming :D but for upcoming week i will be busy again , T_________T thesis i hate you . eh no im kidding, i love you, yes i do. please be nice to me please , i begging you . saia ta kuad. haha. cant wait to end up this semester . But for next sem i will start be a teacher . omg ? seriously pkah ? hahha. and im not that ready for that . haihh. wish me luck okay .

act, i just finished watch Annabelle , its last year movie but i didnt have time to watched it before bcoz of busy schedule. haha. OMG, quite scary . watching alone .increase the volume and that movie make me screaming several times. haha. last night i watch big hero 6 , omg, i want you BAYMAX ! pleaseee ? . so cute and a good friend. and sad too. sobssss . and i also watched cinderella . this movie is not bad tho . haha. so happy when i found a website that i can watch free online movie with substittle . Thanks admins, love chuu . eh ?

LOVE .Please appreciate the one who love you more than you love em. never hurt them or else, u will regret bcoz of losing them :) Dear you, congrats :) Im so happy to see you with someone who is much more better than me . I am pretty sure she can be a good wife of urs .Ur both look so gorgeous tonight :)  I wish you both to have a happy family and have a cute children soon xD  . Please pray that i will meet someone who can guide me like you do before . "A good women is only for a good men " Indeed . I need to change myself to be a better muslimah, insya Allah . Amin.

Happy Teachers day . even im not yet be a teacher , but i still got several wishes. Thanks you .Please pray that i can be a good teacher for ur/our children in the future okay..  eh? hahaha. For me, my mom is the best teacher that i ever had . I love you mom . I still remember the day when i got straight A's , and i can see ur tears of happiness. Subahannallah, how nice that feeling .when you are the reason beside ur parent smile . Im sory i always make u wory :( Big thanks to all my teacher :) 
I got my own fav  teacher ever. He is Cikgu Ismail ,who was my primary school teacher. He teached me in Math. Till now ,im deeply fall in love with math .He always asked my younger sister bout me . i have no idea how he knows that amirah is my younger sister. myb bcoz she look like me :) May Allah bless you sir :)

okay sleepy. good night XD

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