Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy me is Happy

Hello earthlings :)
Subahannallah, I love this feeling :) So peaceful and happy without any reason. Alhamdulillah. Thanks Allah .

Yayyyy! all the assignment for this semester is done ! No more stress about assignment anymoreeee :D but but but, thesis. Hai you, please be nice to me okay ? I will focus at only you! YOU:p no one else. trust me . you are the only one. haha xD

Well , next week i have viva presentation, quite nervous and wory bout that. wish me luck. Then the next after next week is study week. This sem i just stay at Tanjung Malim and study here ~~ as on 12 June I'll back hometown :D yayyy,cant wait for that. And i really hope that i can make it again for this sem, Insya Allah. hoping for deanlist again :) Amin.

Omg , i hate the feeling when i start to move on but suddenly im  missing you -.-   keep strong pkah, u can do it :) saia ta kuad . haha xD Bye.

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