Friday, May 29, 2015

28 May

Assalamualaikum  and Hello gaiz xD
Finally, week 14 end . but , still not present viva yet. next  monday. hmm ~~ cant wait to end all of this then get prepare for final . Just three paper. hope i can make it. amin :) Oh, me is so boring here. all of my best friend going back hometown. T____________T me is so missing my mom ,dad,family and cat so bad .  i want my cat now . wanna hugging and sleep with em . disturb them when they are sleeping. cant wait to going back hometown . but, this sem i need to go back alone. awww~ scary . hmm.

oh anywy , yesterday was 28 May so that means its already a year . how fast time flies. i feel that it just happened but act it alredy a year . insya Allah, i will drive safely for the next time and i hope that will be my first and last xD #throwback :')

and yesterday i attend faculty dinner . the dinner was awesome. im so sad when realize that my coursemate and i will be apart for one sem . sobsss. even im not that close to them, but i still can feel that i will miss all of them . sobssss xD i wish all the best for all of us for our practical. be a good teacher insya Allah . lets exchange the lesson plan meyh ? hehehe. 

oh forgot to mention here that  i found someone last night. y my junior is so sooooooo so handsomeee? hahahha. sis  ta kuad. his face like korean look, tall, not that skinny. but handsome for suree. i hope he is older than me please.hahahahha. well im single anywy :P  hahahah. i cant even blink my eyes when look at him xD astaghfirullah hal azim.hahaha. 

so here some of pic of the dinner yesterday. bye. see you again :) #muahciked

  some of my classmate :)

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