Monday, April 27, 2015

advice mungkin ?

did u ever feel so down? that time u cant even breath well. something hard feel in your chest. and you keep asking Allah, why me ? why me? and crying as much as u can . keep blaming on urself. feel so useless . and more.

based on my experience, you should take a deep breath.and change the way u think. think in positive way. why this happened at you,and why not others? its because Allah choosed you, Allah knows you can faced it . just ask Allah for some strenght to faced that. its not easy but put your trust on Allah that something better will coming soon :)

you need to let go something good for something better. indeed! you may think that things is good for you. but the truth is ,it may harm , u will realize it when u got that something better :) trust me. this is what i feel now :) see, Allah plan is better . have faith on Allah :)

oh,never ever take revenge on someone who hurt u or do something bad at you. this world is in a round shape,so let play with it. haha. its my fav person status at whatsapp. and i agreed with him. :) just pray to Allah may that person changed and realise what her/his fault :)

oh,one tips how to move on or forget ur ex is, hahahaha.find a new one. hahahaha. seriously it works xD yes, its work totally.and think, y u should stay with someone who is really useless for you? am i right. haha. tips for you before sleep.bye earthling. good night. life is cruel sometime but look it in different side :) Assalamualaikum :D

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