Saturday, March 7, 2015

Chapter 3

Hye Assalamualaikum :D

Wow. chapter two done . now we are at page seven of chapter three. so far so good . hey , its march. what that means? haha. dont forget my special day on 29 march . lol. hahaha. just want to remind you .No, joking xD

wow. this sem quite busy for me . a lot of presentation . individual presentation . that make me scared. haha. micro-teaching , macro-teaching . Omg. thats so pressure. one more thing that make me more pressure is thesis, fyp. i alredy got a topic for my thesis. actually my lecturer do give me the topic. lucky me right. haha. Alhamdulillah , may Allah ease my friends and i. Amin.

busy is good for me for now . as if im busy then i will think-less bout something that i shouldnt think bout it. am i right . i will try even i know i cant :) Dear A, I miss you so bad . Take Care and Eat More. haha.

my diet plan was going well for three days. hahaha. another four days, FAILED! omg , what should i do ? I cant resist on chocolate. My fav ever. anyone have any tips to avoid chocolate ? hmm. i will try slowly. wish me luck . i really need  to loss weight for sure. haha.

nothing much to share. take care and wish u a wonderful day onwards :) Bye . xoxo

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