Monday, February 23, 2015

New Sem :)

Hai Assalamualaikum :)

Cuti sudah habis bro . eleh , padahal da habis since last week. but last week i just has class for three days ,and got holiday for another four days . im so excited waiting for the holiday as i got a plan . but , the planned got cancel . how nice that feeling :) i just stayyed at home. so boringggggg :/

the middle of february is really not good for me. its hurt . totally so hurt. and im tired with all of this. trying not to mess my mind with all of this thing and keep busying myself with my study . omg , im going to be busy again this sem . and next sem going to practical. so worry and scared  ! haha. may everything goin well and smoothly . Amin :)

everything happen for a reason. maybe what was happend is a punishment from Allah to me , who is a sinner :/ May Allah forgive me, forgive us . Amin. Astaghfirullah hal azim.  Allah still loves me even i do many bad thing, i am pretty sure Allah want to protect me . Allah hurabbi .

dear you ,please take care :) Allah meet us for a reason. I never regretted knowing you :) I really thanks to Allah for sending me , You :) Take Care and Eat More xD

New sem started! Bismillah. may this semester is better than before . Amin. dear heart, mind , soul , please be strong okay :D bye .

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