Sunday, February 1, 2015

Chapter Two :)

Hai Assalamualaikum duniaaa. hakss :D 
Hello february . how fast time flies . Chapter two begins . 
how was ur chapter one ?
Mine is Alhamdulillah , totaly great :D Yay! Happy me . 
Even at the beginning is the bad one. Its okay . Life must go on .

Yesterday , result for Sem 5 announced . Alhamdulillah , Alhamdulillah , Alhamdulillah !
Thanks Allah . beyond my expectation :)
U know what , during exam week , i cant even focused on my study .
something bad happened . im tried so hard to ignore it but i cant :/
Alhamdulillah , i make it. Thanks Allah.

semester break just left about two weeks . omg , haha !
anywy this semester break is quite awesome like seriously :D
meet my bestfriend during secondary school .
went to short vacation .
relaxing myself at home :D
play with kitten :)
almost every week i go out with my friend :D
and my diet plan at home totally failed! hahaha.

Omg ! I need to start it from the beginning. Haishhh :/
Ok good night world. 
Good Night Love xD

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