Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone :)
Long time no see. we already a week in two zero one five right .
how was ur six page before? everything okay?
i hope so even me is no :/ hmm

got headache . haha, crying to much xD anywy this post is to throwback what was happened on 2014 :D wait ! Hey Fawad Khan. U make me melting over and over again xD haishh.

well my two zero one four is emm... bad for me . Yes . so bad . But its okay . Im still here and can survive . congrats to myself and Thanks Allah , for everthing . I know u know what is the best for me . Everything happened for a reason :)

earlier two zero one four i got busy . busy with study . ah bajet ah. haha. sebenarnya bizi dengan tugasan exco persatuan kh . now im freee. no more meeting to attend, event to handle .yeah ! so heaven now. yay !

still got suprise birthday from my coursemate . big thanks guys ., seriously im apprciate it. haha. im shaking that night as im too suprise as i didnt expected that i still will get a birthday surprise .lol xD thanks :D

at the middle of the year , 28 May . the saddest thing in my life happened. Excident. im driving the car and suddenly the car out of control. My own car :( Ya Allah, untold feeling okay . haha. so hurt like seriously. anywy i learnt many thing from what was happend .Yes and i just can smile .speechless. this is life . and u need to accept it whether its hard .

Alhamdulillah, i got dean list for my sem 4 result :D sem 5? ok bye. didnt hope anything. all the subjects r killer subjects especially invention subject, hey i hate you oke ? get it? haha !

Semester break, short vacation to Penang . Yay :D

October . im started to know someone. first time i know him , i feel a different feeling . glad he feel the same :)

November , first met with that someone. . can u imagine how a person who is bad at her english met a foreigner ? lol. even me is unbelieveable ! xD he maybe come into mylife for awhile , and maybe for a long time and maybe for a life time . who knows right ? its all Allah plan. keeps trust in him ;) Just cant believe i move on after five years . its a big decision in mylife u know. Thanks Allah for introduce him to me . The day i say YES. im ready for everything. ready to be happy. hurt. and many things, lol  :)

the unexpected thing happened to me . my best friend and i keep discuss about that thing in serious mood. LOL. bfore this we never be that serious. kah kah !

december, hmm , bad thing happened. lol. get busy with project . till now ,january 2015. there is still a project need to be done ! huarhhhh. stresss!

makkkkk! i want to go back. its almost three month i didnt go back to my hometown u know. i miss my mom,dad, family and my kitten so damn much. i really want to hug and kiss my kitten so much :( dear heart, keep strong please . i cant wait for a vacation. a short escape is really need now . hai langkawi  :)

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