Thursday, March 14, 2013

the Interview

Assalamualaikum  ( waalaikumsalam)~
Bara Bara Bara ~ Bere Bere Bere ~
Putih-Putih Melati, Merah-Merah Delima ~
Ahaks, that are some of the popular song nowadays. am i right? Well, im also love that song . Both are cool . the melody quite awesome right? hehe.  Btw, this entry is not about the song actually. hehe . Before I continue , i want to tell all of you , i have NO class for tommorow (!) yeah, every thursday i have no class and this is awesome ! hikk.

okay, actually i want to post an entry about my assignment. If you has read my entry before , i have mention there that i need to do an assignment where i need to searching for some school  which is not at Tanjung Malim area and do interview to the school's teacher and students . well, my friend and i have already finished the task . Alhamdullilah, everything are under control . This is my first time  doing something like that and the task give me a new experience.

We started searching for the school since last week on Wednesday . We are so lucky because all the class were cancelled . So it will easier our job . Im driving from Tanjung Malim to our destination . Firstly, we stopped at some school at Kalompang area. But , there is a lot of procedure we need to follow if we want to do the task there . so , my friend and i decided to find another school . Then , we continued our journey and next destination is at Kuala Kubu Baru .

We searching some school at that area . Then , we found one but we're unlucky because the school also want a letter from KPM.*duhh .then , we searching for another school . and lastly we found it ! wowow! Alhamdulillah . Actually, there was an event at that school when we arrived. so all the teachers was so busy . But, im keep trying .  How lucky am i when i meet the school's counsellor then i told her about our purpose then she just said "Alright , can you come again tommorow because today im so busy . and this is my phone number" (,so call me maybe ? ahak)see..? senang je kann? haha. memang terbaikkk ah cekgu tu . sporting gitew. then the next day she told us  tha we dont need to go to KKB coz she was at Proton City's Stadium . so we just meet her there and do the interview .

You know what ? She is my seniorrr . LOL . She is from Perlis . She stay at Padang Besar. and She was ex-Dermarian and ex-Upsian. Kecik betul dunia ni. HAHA! and she is so cool . Otak gila-gila jugak . Best ! Then, we be friend at Fb too. kekeke ~ so, the assignment for KPP course was finished . then , for KKD course , we also need to do the interview . So , last week and this week aku berulang-alik drive pergi ke KKB . nasib lah dekat je. It just took 15 min from TM :)

Last Monday , once again .My friend and i go to the school (again). but this time we meet the headmaster . OMG , muka pengetua dia bapak garang hokey. cuakk makk ! hehee. but, big thanks dekat pengetua sekolah tu coz he give us permission to do the task there . Lepastukan , Guru PK Hem sekolah tu pon cool gilaa, terbaik ahh ! siap tolong kitorang carikan student and cekgu kat situu lagi. haha. so memang senang lah keja kitorang . Adik2 student kat situ pon friendly je dengan 'cikgu2' yang meng-interview dorang. Terbaik wokk ! so there are some pix , enjoy ! =P

Big thanks to all the teachers and students who are really sporting . thanks for treat us like a teacher even we are still a students =') This friday , we need to do presentation about our interview in the class. hopefully everything will going well. Ameen ,, nebes okay nebes hoii. dah la kna speaking .* gangnam style -______- Ok bai, see you next entry. thanks for reading the  whole entry . Take care. Assalamualaikum =)

#mohon ignore my typo and sosory for using broken english. kekeke. im trying to improve my english .
#oh my english! =P

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