Saturday, March 2, 2013

March =)

Im Running Man's Fan ! Haroro so cute ~
finally, i got you Pororo ! =* ilebiiu. haha ~
(ini semua sebab terpengaruh dengan Running Man . kekeke. ) 

Assalamualaikum (waalaikumsalam) !
Ahak ! Long time no see ya ! It about 2 weeks i didnt update this blog. well, it just two weeks  and not two years. so wat lek wat peace ya ! for those who really curious where am i right now , no worries , Im just okay , Alhamdulillah =) Fuuuuu~ Have you notice that now we are already in the third month of this 2013 year . Its March kot . so what that's mean? Ihik ! This month is my birthday okayyyhhh . 29 of March, please, TAKE NOTE yayang ! Eh,should i mention here ?haha =P Just want to remind youuuu . kekeke ~

Its already two weeks i was at Tanjung Malim and  semester two was started ! Even its just for two week, but i already have a lot of assignment(s) *sigh . and this month would be a tough month for me (maybe) cause i need to do a lot of presentation, pass up the assignment , find and going to any school (not in Tanjung Malim area) to make some research about the assignment etc etc. hopefully everything will going smoothly . insyaAllah , ameen =) and for this new semester , i hope what was happened last semester will not be happen on this semester. puhlessss *begging . hopefully hopefully  la ken.. hihi

BB1M, kau hadooo ? kekeke ~

ahak ! Dear friend(s) , have you get your BB1M ? (Baucer buku 1 Malaysia) . I already got it last Wednesday . yahoooo ! *excited . haha ! macam tak penah dapat je ken. but , why im so excited ? because i'm planning to buy an external hard disk using this boucher . so macam ambik free je kan. Ihik ! Benda free memey syiok ! & tomorrow i will going to KualalaLumpur . window shopping maybe  ! ahaks. see you next entry . Take care . Assalamualaikum =)

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