Sunday, September 30, 2012

still ALIVE.

Hai Assalamualaikum :) Anyone miss me ? "BABY PLEASE SAYY , YESSS!!" HAHA. i do miss my blog so much . actually, before this aku memang nak post entri but bila dah habis taip , i delete all the things ! huh~ what a silly thing la kensss ! aku pun taktahu apa masalah aku sebenarnya . i know no one cares if i do update my blog or not , but I CARE okayy? and i sure and very sure atleast  one person must care about this  ! who? ofcoz thats YOU!!! haha. perasan kejap.  -,-!

just update this entry to inform (kpd yg care about me je lah. tu pun kalau ada kan :') HAHA!) that im still alive. Alhamdulillah. Day by day i can adapt with my new life right here .  a lot ofthings happen . Alhamdulillah , Allah always with me, and with us ;')

New life at new home and with new roomate and housemate. they all are my SENIOR . alhamdulillah , all of them are so kind and i have no problem with them . "SETIAP YANG BERLAKU ADA HIKMAH DISEBALIKNYA" <-- so true :') okay lah , bye , ASSALAMUALAIKUM . i do miss you :')

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