Thursday, January 5, 2012

sory to say .

this is my first post in 2012 right ? sory for those who request me a tutorial . I can't make that tuto right now because a little bit busy . so sory for that . InsyaALLAH, i will do it later , im not in my mood right now after thinking about "that" :'(

hujung tahun 2011-2012 , my mind is thinking about that . "sampai termimpi mimpe" and seriously , before this ,im still okay with "that" . but after something happen to me , i just feel like " ouh puhleaseee ?" what the helllooo ! everyday when i have "that" i need to rushing , skip my breakfest and so on . this is so EUWWW ~ Euww kau tau itu euwwww ? but , what make im not unsatisfied is when , err cemana nak gitaw tah , but in other word , jangan pilih kasih boleh ? eee, seriously im unsatisfied with that .

im sory , maybe this is too rude as you older than me , but , we ( my friends and me) also have a feeling lahh. yes, we admit that we not good on "that" like *tuut* (tetiba engage) but it doesnt mean you can treat us like that .

# just want to express my unsatisfied towards something . oke , im feel a little bit better right now , sory for the broken english , i admit im not good in my english :'< so sad right ?   and this is fact , tak pandai bi bukan boleh mati pun, kan ? kbai --"

p/s : if you know what is "that" just shut up and smile ? hewhew , peace yow (Y)

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