Friday, January 6, 2012

hopefully ,

first of all , al-fatihah for my aunty , dia kembali ke rahmatullah yesterday morning . (for my cousin (especiallyCt), if you read this , i want to tell you that maklang zaroni was passed away yesterday .im shocked after read the message from my father. :'( even it hard to accept , but we need to . yang hidup pasti akan mati . semoga ALLAH ampunkan dosa arwah dan semoga rohnya ditempatkan dikalangan orang beriman . AMIN :') AL_FATIHAH.

oke, back to the topic , "hopefully! Jyeah, i hope my 2012 will be more meaningful,cheerful,happening and so on after this . AMIN :) i feel so peaceful after "that" part dah aku lalui , maybe i just like buat teruk but , that thing mensepoilkan my new year mood kot ==" seriously it just like anoyying dude ! haish . dah la tak penting tapi gegeh jugakk . but , as a student i need to follow the rule .

and onemore, i just feel like "sorgaa, sorgaa " after i have done my english speaking presentation . yeah , i know , my presentation just like what the fork (hahaha) but who care ? marks ? oh puhleasee ! tak masuk pointer kot so , chill la bhai . and if you know me well, aku memang tak suka present depan org neh . aku nih darah gemuruh bhai , ketiaq lutuit aku habiaq ang ! haha . LOL . but teacher , im sory , im so dissapointed right ? im sory teacher :')

this evening , "SORGA!" . i have no actvity except gegeh gegeh dengan bantal busuk sayang . hahah. tido lah, apa lagi ? :p so, bahbaibah :)

# both of my roomate had a fever , get well soon roomate :)

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