Sunday, October 16, 2011

today is better than yesterday .

jyeah , i feeling better today , better than yesterday , better than last night . thanks god. alhamdulillah :') so, this mean that i can  continue my revision after i "rest" for two days . grr, now i rasa  rugi gila . i waste my time with onl-ing and watching movie, that so awesome right :'/ err, if i used the past two day to do my revision, im sure i will finish one chapter of chemistry subject . rugi kan ? but nevermind, otak aku nak rehat jugak . tecian kan otak aku kan. cian ngat. hikhik. okelah, act, mandi pun tak lagi ni. so, gtg, and after this i hope  i can stdy dengan tenang :) kbye !

LOVE ; ♥ misluvcoklat ♥

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