Friday, October 21, 2011

21 0ctober !

today alredy 21 october peeps . so what thats mean ? that means today i will start my final for sem 1 in Perlis matriculation . but no worries. just english subject(cannotgo) .tak kira dalam pointer pown ! HAHA. and then after a week, (next week), barulah subj subj yang masuk pointer start exam like math ,sciencecomp, physics and chemistry . 4 subject only babe! takpayah nak only sgt , 4 subject pun rasa mcm 9 subject time spm. grr ~! wish me luck okay! :)

ekceli harini birthday my sweethearts, who ? MY MOM'S BIRTHDAY peeps ! mak, i miss youuu, happy birtday mak ! oke lah, nak otp dengan my mom . hikhik . rindu ngat . last but not list , today also my old friend's birthday , that is DD ! happy birthday mangg ! kau apa citer pun aku taktaw dah. hikhik . okelah bye :)


kocix! said...

gud luck lah yeap!
hb to ur mum!

misluvcoklat said...

thnks :)