Saturday, April 11, 2015

R.I.P sayang :')

Hye Assalamualaikum :)

Yeaaay ! Im at my hometown now . Alhamdulillah . so heaven to be here . with my beloved family and cats. gonna miss them :(  tomorrow night i will back to tanjung malim .

Alhamdulillah, im totaly 22 years old now, Thanks for all the wishes, surprise . I really love it . :)I hope for a better year ahead. and thanks for those who are still with me during my ups and down. I love you :) Dear you who deserve it , I love you more . Please come fast. I waiting for you my mr right :) I hope you are doing fine. I am sure we will meet soon :)Insya Allah. Amin.

well said, i didnt do any assignment till now. hahaha. well im spend my holiday well . ihiks.

you know what, the day i reached home i saw one of my cat got sick. Omg, pity her. i cant even see she suffer like that. My tears cant stop flow . my mom alredy took her to vet before. two times. but her condition become worst everytime back from vet. Myb the doctor give her wrong meds. then i ask my mom to take her to specialist next day . but , she passed away on that morning. so sad :'( before i go to tanjung malim, she so healthy and cute. then when i came back homtown, she so skinny .pity her. RIP poktam .

Oh well , I think i am a good stalker.Hahahaa ! i just can laugh by knowing all of these facts , Crazy ! seriously thats all are crazy enough .  its so wow. it make me so impress after know the truth lol. RIP sayang. kekeke xD Its better get hurt by the truth than happy with all the lies :) anywy i heard you dead ? Al fatihah :/ sobss sobss.

Thanks Allah, for save me, showing me everything :) Even i do a lot of sin, you still love me . Subahannallah . I know you have a better plan for me in future. and i have faith on you . I hope you give me strenght to faced all of this :)its hurts tho. We just can planned , but ur plan is better :)

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