Saturday, December 20, 2014

Am I dreaming ?

Well hello fellas :)
i hope you are doing well.
Alhamdulillah, i am feeling better after what was happened last week. I got mad , confused, stresss . Untold feeling you know :( Its so hard .I have no idea why everything goes wrong .
AM I had a bad dreams? please wake me up if im dreaming  :'O

I got not enough sleep for this few weeks . Yeah , its normal for student right .Im tried to rest and get sleep but i cant sleep at all. Mybe my mind cant stop thinking . Hey my mind, dont u get tired for thinking too much ?

Hmm. just woke up from a nap. haha. dreaming of something till i cried even in real life. I miss you dad . I miss 'you' too :(

Silent is the best answer . Sometime. But if you keep silent u will make people confused what was happened. You make them overthink and guest many silly thing you know. I hate this feeling. Its totally killing me inside . Seriously :( Its so hurt . and make me get mad easily .

I dont know what should i do .should i give up ? i think its too early to give up. but seriously i have no idea why everything changed !everything changes in a blink of eyes. no worry , i will try to take it in positive way even i know its hard because i attend to think negatively at the end. Haish. i shouldnt be like this right . hmm. is there is a hope ? hopefully.

Dear 2 January, please come fast. cant wait to end everything. i miss my family and my kitten so badly . i think i should go for a short vacation to rest my mind. YAY ! hai langkawi :D

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