Thursday, October 4, 2012

in love , OREO :)

Hai Assalamualaikum :)
I want OREO cool blog right now! can i ? can some one send me the oreo cool blog to kuo right now. Puhlease , im begging you ! haha. intro yang bahjet right . hewhew.  TM, there is NO cool blog . only choclate shake . then what i did ?  . Jeng jeng ! *bahjet suspender giteww .

sadis bukan ? AHAH~ im buying the choclate shake or in the other word choclate blender and then i buy a packet of oreo . then , what i do. aku ambik oreo ,patah2kan dia letak dalam choclate shake tuu . hewhew. so now, this is the choclate  oreo "cool" blog lah sgt. hewhew. but , there is no black pearl. oh mangg ! but sowkay , janji oreo hadoo !  seriously sangat lapar semua benda berasaskan oreo . kek oreo yang ohsem . anyone want to treat me ? hoho. xpa, pt nop masup doh, hihi.

i just take less than 10 min to update this entry and also to release my tension . this week im too busy . a lot of assignment kena hantaq. haih. menjahit , melukis. that  so annoying kot. grrr~  but sowkay, im sure one day i will fall in love with it . like i fall with you . EH? haha. phui . and one more thing. Im not well right now. I had a fever :( if im at KMP right now mesti dh balik kenss? haha. but kat sini , hurrmm.. just countdown the day. 20 days left ! yabedabeduuu. Assalamualaikum :)


zila manaf said...

weee mcm leh terai je ihik

misluvcoklat said...

boleh3. trai la,konfem buat slalu.
hiksss :D