Saturday, January 7, 2012

today ,

ai ,, ai lebyuuu laike a lub song bebeh , ai lebyuu laike a lub song bebeh ! blablabla . today , Kolej Matrikulasi Perlis organised an event which is known as KAGEM . this is the short form of Karnival Kolej Kediaman . idk the capital G is stand forwat . whateverr , that not importante babehh ! i didnt took part at any event , so, i just gegehgegeh jer dekat tepi padang . hahah. 

aku gegeh gegeh dekat tepi court bola tampar sebab geng-geng aku masuk benda tuh  . depa tuh hebak hebak belako baq hiang , syaz, man , alissa err ramai lagi lah dermarian yang took part .  aku yang demam ni pun cangak jer kat tepi tu and now , im fever AGAIN ! yeyyyy ! *mata keatas . maybe i got the virus from my roomate . Thankyou roomate :* muacks . hahah . 

so , idk what to merapumerapai lagi , just enjoy watching a few pictures of today :
see my face ? macam anak hindu dah aku tgok , 
terbakau habiaq hiang, tu tera dok cangak tepi pdg je tuh --"
wootwoot! dgn jurulatih futsal kowt. hahax ! XD
with neknab and roomate ! jyeah, we are C1 babeh ! 

omomomo , internet connection so slow, it took about 5 minutes to upload 1 pic ,
this is so waste my time , so , i need to go now ,
 a lot of tuto's and assignment waiting for me . 
ok bye .

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